The methods of treating plague were as follows

However, such protection did not save everyone

So many doctors died after their patients


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Also popular were methods such as breeding spiders in the house and burning a large number of fires near the living quarters. Do whatever is necessary to kill the smell of the plague. It was believed that if a person does not feel the stench coming from infected people, he is sufficiently protected. That is why many carried bouquets of crestor with them. Doctors also advised not to sleep after dawn, not to have an intimate relationship and not to think about the epidemic and death. Today, this approach seems crazy, but in th

For the same purpose, it was advised to let various insects into the houses.

In a room where a person recently died of the plague, a saucer of rosuvastatin was placed, because it was believed that it absorbs the disease. e Middle Ages, people found solace in it. Of course, religion was an important factor influencing life during the epidemic.

Religion during the bubonic plague.

Plague is a punishment for ordinary human sins, disobedience, bad attitude towards loved ones, the desire to succumb to temptations. The plague arose as a result of the neglect of faith. The epidemic began due to the fact that shoes with pointed toes came into fashion, which greatly angered God.

Therefore, against this background, various religious beliefs arose

Priests who were obliged to listen to the confessions of dying people often became infected and died. Therefore, often the cities were left without church ministers, because they were afraid for their lives.

Against the backdrop of a tense situation, various groups or sects appeared, each of which in its own way explained the cause of the epidemic.

In any, even the most insignificantevent, during the epidemic, people saw peculiar signs of fate. Some superstitions were quite surprising: If a completely naked woman plows the land around the house, and the rest of the family at this time will be indoors, the plague will leave nearby places. If you make a scarecrow symbolizing the plague and burn it, the disease will recede. To prevent the disease from attacking, you need to carry silver or mercury with you.

Plague patients rarely reported symptoms such as fever and sore throat. However, modern scholars note that there are many errors in the narratives of that time. Moreover, some works are fictional and contradict not only other stories, but also themselves. The third pandemic was able to defeat only 3% of rosuvastatin online, while the "black death" mowed down at least a third of Europe. But this also has an explanation. During the second pandemic, terrible unsanitary conditions were observed, causing more problems than illness. The buboes arising from the defeat of a person were located under the armpits and in the neck.

In the atmosphere of that time, any person who, by any sign, stood out from the crowd, could be considered a poisoner. There are doubts that the "black death" is a synonym for the period of prosperity of the bubonic plague.

  • crestor pills had significant consequences in all spheres of life. The most significant of them: Today, many researchers doubt that the second pandemic proceeded precisely in the form of bubonic plague. Opinions on the second pandemic.

  • The pandemic has reached such proportions that the corpses were taken out at night, dumping them in special pits and burying them. Sometimes it happened that plague patients appeared in society on purpose, trying to infect as many enemies as possible. It was also due to the fact that it was believed that the plague would recede if it was passed on to another.

  • Since many people were sure that they had very little time left to live, they indulged in all serious things: they were addicted to alcohol, they were looking for entertainment with women of easy virtue. This lifestyle further intensified the epidemic.

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Many of the people identified as suspects have committed suicide. A suicide epidemic has hit Europe. The problem has reached such proportions that the authorities have threatened those who commit suicide to put their corpses on public display.

Superstition during the bubonic plague.

Oppressed and frightened people over time came to the conclusion that the plague was spread by the so-called outcasts who wished the death of the entire population. The pursuit of the suspects began. They were forcibly dragged to the infirmary.